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Black Queen (Quad Series, 4) by Aliyah Burke

Black Queen (Quad Series, 4) by Aliyah Burke


English Edition

What does it take to capture the queen’s heart?

Kenya “Shanni” Powers had a past full of terror but is moving on. She’s found a new home and started a new life. One rainy winter night, a stranger walks in—that despite her typical suspicion—makes her want to help him. She offers him a place to stay until the weather clears and he accepts. An act which puts her in danger from her ex.

Lane “Cam” Camden is a country music star who’s had enough of the bodyguards his manager assigned to him. In the Pacific Northwest he meets Kenya, who opens her home to him. They grow close during their time together and he vows to look her up after he leaves. Reunited in Tennessee, he tries to pursue a relationship with her, accepting solely friendship at first.

She wants to allow him in but she’s terrified. Will her fear cause her to lose her chance at a future with him? Can Cam move them beyond her hesitations and his misdirection from when they first met?


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