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Drunk on You (Kendrick Brothers, 2) by Aliyah Burke

Drunk on You (Kendrick Brothers, 2) by Aliyah Burke


English Edition

Sometimes you have to lose it before you realize what you had…

Cade Kendrick has a reputation of being a playboy in town. One he’s proud of and has worked to keep up. Women were a blur until he shared a night with a woman who’d always had a more important place in his heart.

Cora Sunderland had been crushing on Cade since school. Aware he was how he was, she’d kept it strictly flirtatious. The night that changed, everything did. However, she wants more than to be just another notch on the belt of a playboy and takes matters into her own hands.

Unwilling to let her go, he struggles to find her and accepts that to keep the woman of his dreams, he will have to stop being the playboy he’s seen as and grow up. 

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