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It Was Always You (Kendrick Bros, 1) by Aliyah Burke

It Was Always You (Kendrick Bros, 1) by Aliyah Burke


English Edition

Zane Kendrick has finally returned home after being in the Army for twenty-two years. Empty he isn’t sure what his future holds for him until he runs into Zoë Duncan working in her father’s shop. When he sees her again, out, he realizes she’s no longer the little girl who followed her brothers and his around. This Zoë was all woman. And his feelings for her have changed.

Zoë Duncan has loved Zane forever. He’s been the object of all her fantasies and when the opportunity arrives for her to experience him for real, she can’t refuse. However, a one-night stand doesn’t change anything in her mind. He’s still off limits, she’s not about to risk the relationship between their families for her own desires.

Zane, isn’t a man who lets go of what he wants and he wants Zoë. He’ll have to work to get past her defenses. When trouble arrives at her door, he’s there but will it be enough for him to convince her to give them a shot? Can he make her see it’s always been her?


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