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Someday My Good Ol' Boy Will Come (Quad Series, 3) by Aliyah Burke

Someday My Good Ol' Boy Will Come (Quad Series, 3) by Aliyah Burke


English Edition

Sometimes the perfect one is the one who’d been there forever...

Jacey Thompson wasn’t frightened of much. Serving in an elite unit called Zulu Spectre, she’d faced things most people wouldn’t be able to handle without the slightest hint of hesitation. However, the prospect of returning to her hometown was enough to make her knees tremble. She couldn’t miss the wedding of a dear friend but she would run into her first and only love.

Derek Moser, ex-Marine, returned home to Leeburg to help his family and try to settle in to civilian life, leaving behind the nightmares. He’s shocked to discover his cousin’s best friend growing up is the same woman he’d had a one-night stand with seven years ago, he’d just not recognized her as the girl next door.

Passion is as explosive between them as it had been that night, no matter how they try to ignore it. However, when her secret comes to light, will he forgive her? And will Jacey allow him to be her one and only, sweeping her off her feet?


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