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Too Dangerous to Love (Quad Series, 2) by Aliyah Burke

Too Dangerous to Love (Quad Series, 2) by Aliyah Burke


English Edition

Trained to kill it takes the love of a unique man to uncover the gentleness within.

Gifted with a unique set of abilities that had come to light during a time she was MIA in Africa, Serenity Chandi Walker had become a killer for the government, taking on a new name for her assignments, Raven Dare. Retired, she is drawn back in for one more assignment by the very man who’d betrayed her.

Brandt Fowler is the son of a construction magnate. When his life is threatened to get at his old man, he’s given bodyguards. Ditching them all he finds himself with a woman named Raven. She’s not like the others, he can’t lose her no matter how hard he tries. When he realizes the threats are real, it’s almost too late. Raven protects him then leaves, vanishing from his life.

A chance meeting in the Caribbean reunites them and he struggles to understand this woman who’d captured his heart. He has no wish to let her go, but realizes she has to accept she’s allowed to be loved, no matter what she’s done in the past. Will she or is her future destined to keep her alone?


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