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Lucas (Braden Brothers, 2) by Marie Rochelle

Lucas (Braden Brothers, 2) by Marie Rochelle


English Edition 

By the book…Never stray from the plan.

High-powered lawyer Lucas Braden never let his emotions get the better of him. He always used his head and never lost control like his brothers— it was a waste of his valuable time. Lucas knew how to stay cool under pressure with any situation until the unpredictable Danya Holt came into his life.

Her captivating smile, sexy brown eyes and appealing personality made him want to break every single rule he lived by for one chance with her. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, he wanted to lose more than his self-control and Danya was just the woman to make him to do it.

Great things come in small packages…

Danya Holt never believed the ‘perfect guy’ was out there waiting because all the men in her past ran from the word commitment for one reason or another. She just got used to being the six-month girl and she expected the same outcome from her gorgeous employer, Lucas Braden. He was literally too good-looking to be true.

However, Lucas surprised her by wanting more— much more— than any other man she’d known before. And it took her by surprise. Was she truly ready for her forever with one man…

Or would she ruin her chances by running away from the unbelievably sexy attorney who only had eyes for her?

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