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So Much Better by Marie Rochelle

So Much Better by Marie Rochelle


English Edition

Should I stay or should I go?

Whenever she looked at her gorgeous boss, Keri Walker’s mind kept playing those words over and over. She’d been in love with Richie for as long as she could remember. But he only saw her as his trusted employee and nothingmore.  She was exhausted of waiting for him to see her as a woman.

It might be for the best if she just let him go. Keri was tired of having her heart broken every day she walked through the doors of Davidson Financial.

Richie Davidson couldn’t get past the loss of his fiancée. She’d meant everything to him and he never believed he would fall in love again—until Keri decided to leave. He’d been so focused on the past that he was allowing his future to walk out without a fight.

Would he be able to convince Keri that he could do so much better by her before it was too late? Or would she really walk out the door taking his heart with her and never come back?

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