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Entrapped (Leaving the Past Behind, 2) by Michele Ryan and TL Reeve

Entrapped (Leaving the Past Behind, 2) by Michele Ryan and TL Reeve



The Raferty men are falling in love at an alarmingly rapid pace, and Royce is no exception to that. However, a three-year mission has threatened everything between he and his mate, Charisma Winters. 

When Holly, Katie, and Brooklyn disappear after Hayden's abduction, Royce’s new assignment will either fix the tattered edges of his mating or destroy everything.

Their job takes them to Everett, Massachusetts...

Charisma doesn't have to play the grieving daughter-in-law. She's been doing so since her mate decided she wasn't good enough. But, she also has secrets of her own, and she'd do anything to keep anyone from finding out.

Being away from Window Rock puts things back into perspective, and now she's scared...

Royce and Charisma are thrust into a volatile situation of espionage, lust and greed. Can they find Holly and close the last cell of the Paranormal Bounty Hunters—or will the last remaining Geithner slip through their fingers again?



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