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Unbreakable (Leaving the Past Behind, 1) by TL Reeve and Michele Ryan

Unbreakable (Leaving the Past Behind, 1) by TL Reeve and Michele Ryan


English Edition


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Hayden Raferty-Lopez is nervous about returning to Window Rock—with so many memories wrapped up there. However, she’s excited to start her life with her mate in the town she calls home.

Nico Lopez knew this day would come. He’s been planning for it since the day his little wolf finally accepted his apology and gave him the chance to make it up to her. However, something is off about his mate. Everyone around them is settling into their new “adult” lives except them.

When Kalkin Raferty offers them a job taking down a piece of the Paranormal Bounty Hunters, both Hayden and Nico are ready for it. What they’re not prepared for are the conditions the orphaned shifter children and teens are kept in, nor are they prepared to find a green-eyed cub, who steals their heart. 

Secrets are revealed, and lives will be irrevocably harmed. Those who were supposed to be allies will be exposed and the lies they told will shape the Raferty pack for years to come.

Publisher's Note: This series is connected to TL and Michele's Apache County Shifters and TSU series. The TSU books are not published by TEP.

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