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Beneath the Waves by Misha Paige

Beneath the Waves by Misha Paige


English Edition

Hungering for him…

For weeks Taylor has felt a presence watching him, convinced it was just the fantasy of a lonely man. He yearns for a connection to someone, he’s too afraid to risk his heart.

Maybe he was just crazy.

Until one night everything changes. Taylor is pleasured by an unseen entity, one that returns again and again as hungry for Taylor as he is for it. One that willingly fills every one of Taylor’s desires.

Taylor learns there is more to this presence than just lust. There is loneliness, need and a heartbreaking hope for acceptance that matches his own.
Slowly, the man who always shied away from people is drawn closer and closer to something that wants him desperately. Something that could give him everything he ever dreamed of.

If Taylor will take the risk.

If Taylor can accept what lies beneath the waves.

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