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Demon Dreams by Misha Paige

Demon Dreams by Misha Paige


English Edition

After an accident on an icy mountain road, Becca St John wakes to what has to be fantasy come true—two sexy men who treat her like a gift. Samuel and Alec, two very different men, offer her refuge and understanding. During the day she is charmed by them and at night vivid dreams tease her.

Dreams of sinful pleasure and secrets confuse her, tempting her to believe the men could be so much more—the possibility of a love that could fulfill her every desire. If she will dare to trust the two men who offer her their world.

But on the night of her accident, Becca was running from someone who will not simply let her disappear into the new life she could have. When her past catches up to her, Becca will have to make a choice.

Just how far is she willing to go for the two men that have awakened her heart?

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