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Destiny's Mate by Misha Paige

Destiny's Mate by Misha Paige


English Edition

When Destiny came to Brook Creek she wanted a fresh start where she could make a home. She finds so much more. Matias, the Alpha of the local wolf pack and Ethan, his best friend and Beta are her mates.

It won’t be easy for Brook Creek to accept a vampire in their midst after centuries of discord between their two races. Especially, when Matias has to break a political alliance to claim her and the other pack becomes aggressive. If Destiny wants to become part of the pack she will have to prove herself.

To the pack. To her mates. But most especially, she has to prove to herself that she is more than her past.

Pack tensions and long simmering emotions between Matias and Ethan will all play a part in how, or even if the three mates can form the bond each craves. But when outside forces attack, Destiny will have to reveal the truth about who she is to protect Brook Creek.

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