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Dragon Forgiven (Kindled by Fate, 4) by Misha Paige

Dragon Forgiven (Kindled by Fate, 4) by Misha Paige


English Edition

When Devros learned the truth about his lynx companion, he did the unthinkable and rejected his mate. Galen deserved better than to be bound to dragon with no honor. Yet the witch would not give up without a fight. After Galen nearly died to save him, Devros realized that his mate was what was most important. But it may be too late, for Galen disappears after he recovers.

When Galen woke from the healing sleep he knew his past had caught up with him. To protect the mate he loves, he had gone to the human’s lands to confront that past, once and for all. He never expected Devros to come after him, risking his life if he were to be discovered, much less be so determined to claim him.

Now Galen is in a race to get Devros back to the safety of their home. But once they’re there, he must face that the greatest danger to his mate might be the secret that Galen has vowed to keep.

But secrets have a way of coming out. When Devros is captured, Galen realizes he might not be able to protect his mate, no matter what he is willing to do.

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