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Dragon Marked (Kindled by Fate, 3) by Misha Paige

Dragon Marked (Kindled by Fate, 3) by Misha Paige


English Edition

As he watches over the sleeping dragon, Bane wonders why he is strongly drawn to Jaden. Vivid dreams confuse him even more as he aches to see the dragon break free of the spell he is trapped by. When Jaden is finally liberated, and Bane realizes that they are mates, he vows to stay by Jaden’s side. But he fears the repercussions of a witchborn with a dark past being mated to the High Priest of Drakos.

Jaden arises from the spell, healthy but no longer whole. While he is determined to stay strong, he wonders what good is he. Somehow he will have to prove to his clutch and more importantly, to himself, that he is still worthy of being the chosen of Drakos.

Yet the hardest battle he will face may be the fight for his own mate’s heart, for while Bane has given Jaden his loyalty and commitment, he may never give his heart. How can a man who has never known love recognize it, even when it stands before him?

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