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Lost and Secrets (Two Leaving the Past Behind Short Stories) by TL Reeve and Michele Ryan

Lost and Secrets (Two Leaving the Past Behind Short Stories) by TL Reeve and Michele Ryan


English Edition


Fans of TL Reeve and Michele Ryan’s Unbreakableand Entrappedwill love this sneak peek into the world of Leaving the Past Behind. Two short stories are included, offering more insight into the characters living in this world. 


Hayden Raferty-Lopez has gone back to work. As one of Apache County’s newest Forensic Investigators, she’s been tasked with the remaining cleanup at the Wildlife Preserve.

But everything goes to hell quickly.

With the discovery of a body and three infants, her job has gone from evidence collection to a murder investigation. And when a wolf is found injured, what happens next will change everything once more.

Whoever said going home would be easy, has never been to Window Rock, Arizona.


Jochi Zhao can slip into any situation without being noticed—which is why he’s so valuable to Senator Winters. Once more he goes undercover to make sure Holly Geithner is captured. But when the auction’s over and his target’s neutralized, he only has one more item on his to-do list—claiming his mate.

Yet, the man who’s invaded his dreams is oblivious to his desires.

So he’s willing to make a bargain. One night to prove to Jefferson Winters to prove they belong together. If it doesn’t work?

He’ll walk away.


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