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Mastered and Mated (Captured by Space Pirates, 4) by Victoria Vallo

Mastered and Mated (Captured by Space Pirates, 4) by Victoria Vallo


English Edition

When Salex returned, Jeremiah knew everything between them had changed. The time apart showed him how much he’d come to need Salex’s touch and how long he’d been denying his own darker desires. And now that Salex is offering Jeremiah a choice between exploring those desires at his side and going back to a more ordinary life, Jeremiah has to decide if he’s ready to give himself completely or settle for a life without the man who truly knows what he needs to be satisfied.

For weeks, everything had been going smoothly between Malar and Sebastian, in stark contrast to the struggles Salex and Jeremiah had been having. But when Malar asks for a surprisingly conventional commitment, Sebastian suddenly doubts his own feelings. Sebastian had submitted almost immediately, yet Malar’s possessiveness begins to smother him. Malar remains stubborn in his demands until he realizes it is pushing a wedge between him and Sebastian. He has to decide what means more to him, the commitment he’s demanding or Sebastian’s happiness.

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