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Scarlet Nights (Shifters of Arizia, 5) by Victoria Vallo

Scarlet Nights (Shifters of Arizia, 5) by Victoria Vallo


English Edition

Stefan’s world was thrown into chaos when he met Thorne, a priest who has dedicated his life to serving Jalal, the exiled god of Arizia. But it proves a beautiful kind of chaos. He’s suffered from demon-inflicted nightmares and hallucinations ever since a mistake in his youth allowed the taint to take hold. But Thorne is not only a priest but a powerful magic wielder, and simply being near him gives Stefan freedom from all demonic influence while every touch gives him more pleasure than he’s ever known before.

Thorne rushed to Stefan’s aid when a mutual friend told him of the young man’s need, but he never expected to be so enthralled by Stefan. He’s immediately convinced that his god, who is eternally separated from his own beloved, has finally led him to the perfect man to share his life with. But Stefan’s focus is on finding a permanent cure for his problem, and he seems uncertain of their relationship beyond the present moment and the physical pleasure they share. While Thorne wants nothing more than to see Stefan free of the taint that has tormented him for years, he’s also determined to convince Stefan they were brought together for a reason.

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