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Submissions are now open for all genres.

We are a royalty paying publisher of romance, erotic romance, and erotica.  We have professional editors  to make your story shine and employ talented artists to make eye catching covers.


Our royalty rate is 60% to the author** for English language rights in digital and print.


We are looking for well-polished stories with heat, particularly in the LGBT+ genres with preference given to MMF titles.


We do not accept:

*Manuscripts below 15,000 words or above 110,000. We prefer stories in the 20-50K realm.

*Rape for Titillation

*Pedophilia (All characters involved in sexual situations MUST be over the age of 18)

*Bestiality (Shifters do not count here)

*Necrophilia (Vampires and other "Undead" do not count)

*Scat or Watersports

*Any MS that glorifies racist/bigoted/zenophobic/or homophobic actions or characters.  If your villain is one or more of these things, make sure he/she is clearly the villain of the tale.


If you believe your story fits, please send a copy of the first three chapters and final chapter of your MS in double-spaced, 12 pt basic font (Helvetica. Times, etc) ALONG WITH a short blurb/synopsis no longer than one page to: submissions @ (remove spaces)

In the SUBJECT line of your email, please list: YOUR LAST NAME_YOUR TITLE_SUBMISSION


**Established best-selling authors CAN attempt to negotiate the royalty rate. If selling potential is proven, we will consider adjustments to the percentage.