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Beauty and the Beast by Victoria Vallo & Yuki Edo

Beauty and the Beast by Victoria Vallo & Yuki Edo


English Edition

Bestselling author Victoria Vallo and Yuki Edo bring you two gay paranormal shifter tales filled with heat!

Under the Moon by Victoria Vallo

Lee expected to lead a quiet life out in the country, until he met his sexy neighbor. Erik comes on strong right away, and Lee’s been so lonely he can’t resist.

When he finds out Erik’s a shifter, he becomes even more entranced by the man with startling blue eyes and a body that won’t quit. But does Erik only want a bit of fun, or will he be the one to finally give Lee all that he’s ever desired?

Bound by His Wolf by Yuki Edo

Michael wants the world to leave him alone when his girlfriend abandons him, and his brother is the only one who makes him feel better, until he gets to know one of his neighbors. The handsome Simon makes no secret of his attraction, even as he acknowledges that Michael isn’t gay. Yet every moment with this man feels better than the ones without him, and despite his recent pain, Michael wants to love again. When Simon gives Michael something he never even knew he wanted, Michael has to decide if his heart really cares what sex his lover is…

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