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Loving Kiara by Delilah Hunt

Loving Kiara by Delilah Hunt


English Edition

At seventeen, Kiara Monroe made the decision to leave home with her boyfriend and never look back. Two years later, she comes to regret this decision and finds the strength to end the abusive relationship. Pregnant and alone, Kiara is stuck in rural cattle country Nebraska, living out of a trailer at the edge of the Cottonwood Ranch. To complicate matters, she finds herself falling for the older, brooding rancher next door.

After suffering through the death of a child, Rowan Kinsley is unwilling to open his heart to anyone and definitely not to the obnoxious, rude, and immature pregnant teenager who has taken up residence inside a rundown trailer next to his ranch. It doesn’t matter if Kiara is the one person to warm his stone cold heart or make him question the promises made to himself in the midst of grief.

Can love bring two lonely hearts together and convince Rowan that a life with Kiara is the one thing his soul needs?

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