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Midnight Rose (Arundel, 2) by Marie Medina

Midnight Rose (Arundel, 2) by Marie Medina


English Edition

Raven, daughter of the king of the fairies, knows pursuing a relationship with Michael, a mortal, might get complicated, but she takes the chance because he has fairie blood and she can’t deny the connection she feels. She doesn’t count on accidentally Turning him just as they are falling in love. Her actions cause him to question their relationship while he deals with his sudden conversion to a full-blooded fairie and all its implications. She has to convince him their love is worth fighting for before the fairie council calls her to decide her fate for breaking one of her people’s most sacred laws. Even if she can’t prove her innocence to the council, she’s determined to show Michael how powerful their love is because she knows she could face even the harshest punishment as long as he stays by her side.a


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