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Roses & Thorns (Arundel, 5) by Marie Medina

Roses & Thorns (Arundel, 5) by Marie Medina


Jareth’s always been treated as if he’s fragile, but there’s one person who doesn’t see him that way, one person who truly believes in him. And Jareth’s finally ready to admit he’s the only one who matters…

Tired of always deferring to everyone else and holding back in every part of his life, Jareth is ready to go after what he wants. He can’t remember the exact moment he realized he loved Marcus, but he’s going after his happy ending. He doesn’t know what to expect from the man who claims he’ll never love again, but Jareth knows he’ll regret it forever if he doesn’t at least try to win the heart of the flawed man who sees him the way no one else does.

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