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Teacher (Apache County Shifters, 2.5) by TL Reeve and Michele Ryan

Teacher (Apache County Shifters, 2.5) by TL Reeve and Michele Ryan


English Edition

Danielle and Keeley are in desperate need of a teacher. Someone who can not only teach all of the children, but specifically one, Utah Blake. As a deaf tiger shifter, neither Keeley or Danielle have the skills needed to help the teen. And, since his father left to help Rapier find his mate, Utah has grown more introverted by the day.

Mark Hill, teacher by day, author Orion Davis by night, knows he's the man for the job. After inviting both Danielle and Keeley to a local book convention, he realizes maybe he should have told them the truth up front. He too is deaf. But, a blast from the past might just change everything for Mark. 

Can Mark convince Danielle and Keeley he's the solution to their problem or will his lie of omission force them to reconsider? 


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