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Teaching His Sensei (Nine Tails, 6) by Yuki Edo

Teaching His Sensei (Nine Tails, 6) by Yuki Edo

Takumi doesn’t want a tutor, and he definitely doesn’t want to spend his entire month off studying. But when he finds out who his tutor is going to be, he quickly changes his mind. Satoshi is easily the hottest of all the Kitamura brothers, but he’s so stiff and formal it’s been hard to get to know him. But if they’re going to be forced to work together, Takumi is sure he’ll be able to break through the man’s walls.

Satoshi resents being relegated as a glorified babysitter to the youngest Ibuki, but he’d do anything to please his kami. If Inari wants him to tutor Takumi, he’ll do more than that. He vows to finally instill both discipline and morals into the frivolous Takumi, no matter how much of a challenge the mischievous young man proves to be.

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