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The Detective's Lover (The Maddoxes, 1) by Aliyah Burke

The Detective's Lover (The Maddoxes, 1) by Aliyah Burke


English Edition

A beautiful no-nonsense marine, one by-the-book, ruggedly handsome homicide detective, and the case that may well give them eternal bliss or eternal rest—can they trust in each other long enough to find out which it will be?

Fallon Maddox is reunited with her family the day they bury her father. She has no idea that coming home will be the beginning of an adventure she might not survive and, even if she does, her life will never be the same.

Ian Cavanaugh is a homicide detective who’s wrapped up in a case that may not be as simple as it first appears. The deceased is the father of a group of foster children who’d made quite a reputation for themselves when he was growing up. He knew it was in his best interest to get the case solved…and fast.

His priorities begin to waver as he’s reunited with the only daughter in the family. He longs to shatter her never-wavering calm and expose the passion he knows lies beneath. No matter how hot blooded their unions are, it becomes clear he might have to choose between love and his brotherhood in blue—for their families seemed to always be at increasing odds.

Will he have time to make the decision or will it be made for him?


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