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Training Him by Victoria Vallo

Training Him by Victoria Vallo


English Edition

Darden engages a pet from the pleasure houses of Nakam more out of boredom than anything else. When the young man is presented to him, he knows something isn’t right. Someone is trying to trick him, and he’s going to find out why and make them pay. But even though Laxus has no training whatsoever, something about him intrigues Darden, most especially his willingness to pretend to be a pleasure slave for a stranger.

Laxus loves sex, and he loves money even more, so he agreed to pose as a pet for the high fee he was offered. But his target immediately sees through his lies, and Darden insists on giving Laxus “proper training” as they keep up the charade to trap Darden’s enemies. Laxus has little choice but to submit to everything Darden has in store for him.

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