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When We First Met (Enchanted Ink 1.5 and 2.5) by Kelex and JP Sayle

When We First Met (Enchanted Ink 1.5 and 2.5) by Kelex and JP Sayle


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A Squirrel Gets His Nut
by Kelex

Luca Galioto is just coming into his powers when he meets a new arrival in town, Ash Montgomery—and sparks fly.

Yet the pair are like oil and water. Luca is a tatted and pierced ancient Calé progeny,
aka a witch, whereas straight-laced Ash is a squirrel shifter who’s just joined the Salem Police Department.

Opposites attract? Sure—but can two men
so vastly different trust that Fate got it right?

A Scent Like no Other
by JP Sayle

No one appreciates a skunk! Pierre is used to being shunned—he knows he’s not like others, even those of his own kind. When his misfiring ass results in him losing another job, he follows his instincts and climbs aboard the next bus to Salem, Massachusetts.

Fate steps in to deliver Pierre directly to his mate, Eliphas, outside the doors of Enchanted Ink. They bond quickly but Pierre knows something Eliphas doesn’t—they have a third.

Finding one fated mate does not mean Happily Ever After. Eliphas has reasons for not wanting to rock the boat and seek their third. It isn’t long before Pierre’s patience wears thin and, despite Eliphas’s warnings that messing with Fate has consequences, Pierre goes searching for answers.

Their mate is out there—somewhere—and Pierre intends to find him.

Amazon/Kindle Unlimited Exclusive

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