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Wild Roses (Arundel, 3) by Marie Medina

Wild Roses (Arundel, 3) by Marie Medina


English Edition

When Lucian meets Gil, he thinks he knows what Gil wants. Lots of fairies come to the restaurant where he works in the mortal world to catch a glimpse of the prince. And perhaps fuck him. But it soon becomes clear Gil isn’t there because he knows Lucian is the son of the king of the fairies. In fact, Gil doesn’t even know he’s a full-blooded fairie at all, and he dismisses Lucian as crazy.

Lucian goes looking for answers, and the two men can’t forget about each other. When the truth comes out, Gil’s entire world changes. Lucian decides to help him through this and stand by his side, but not just because Gil has no one else who would understand. Lucian feels drawn to Gil in a way he can’t explain, and after centuries of casual relationships, Lucian begins to think that forever with one person wouldn’t be so bad if he could make Gil his.


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