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First Chapter - The Peculiar Folly of Long Legged Meg by Jayne Fresina

Georgian Romance Historical Historical Romance Jayne Fresina MF New Release Romance

Chapter One 1760   "Don't believe a word of it," said the spit-boy, his jaw thrust forward defiantly. "Yon lass is ever makin' up yarns. She's a liar, that's what she is. She's got a tongue as long as 'er legs and just as swift at getting out o' trouble." The subject of his scorn remained serene, holding a candle in both hands, the flame tall and unwavering until she spoke again, resuming her story as if he never spoke. "But they found the dead man's bones fifty years later, when the hidden door were discovered by accident." Now her...

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First Glimpse - Jayson Jax and Taken by the Caveman

Taken by the Caveman © 2017 by Jayson Jax Carter walked closer to the window, watching as thin lines of smoke drifted toward the sky from those caves. “What am I looking at?” Sir Ian stood at his side. “You’re looking at three decades worth of science.” Carter tilted his head to the side. “Culminating in wh...” The question died on his lips as he saw a living, breathing example of what had to be an archaic human walking through the vegetation close to the windows. The dark-skinned male was naked, dirty, and his hair was unkempt. And he was...

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First Glimpse - Hayden West's The Prince's Mate

The Prince's Mate Copyright © 2017 by Hayden West   Chapter One “Are you sure you want to go ahead and do this, Zach?” The question came from the corner of the room and Zachary Adan glanced over his shoulder to his best friend in the world, Danny Neal. With a shrug of his shoulders, he continued packing his bag. “Why wouldn’t I? I love snowboarding and this resort has been on my list of ‘to do’ items for a while now. Or rather, places to go. I have the chance to go and snowboard. I don’t know how you...

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First Glimpse - Aliyah Burke's Under the Mask

Aliyah Burke Contemporary Erotic Romance IR IRMC MF New Release

Under the Mask Copyright © 2017 by Aliyah Burke Kailey Cox adjusted her mask to ensure total anonymity, lowered the shoulders on her peasant top, and stepped through the open ballroom doors with Artemis at her side. The massive room in the prestigious hotel overflowed with people who, like her, were in costume. She was attending a huge fundraiser in support of banishing illiteracy among both children and adults. Something she agreed with wholeheartedly. “This is gorgeous.” She glanced at her companion, Karma Whitfield—best friend in the world—who stood beside her dressed in a stunning and sexy Artemis costume. Had...

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First Glimpse - Tore's Romantic by Victoria Vallo

Erotic Erotic Romance Gay Mate Me MM New Release Romance SciFi Victoria Vallo

Tore’s Romantic Mate Me, Book Three Copyright © 2017 by Victoria Vallo   Beau wiped down the table and then changed James’s shirt. He took the sticky garment to the sink to let it soak. A knock came at the door, and Beau glanced up. The sun had just set, so it had to be Jalal or Finn. He walked over and peeked out the window, his breath catching in his throat when he saw it was Tore. Guess I didn’t make a fool of myself after all. He took a deep breath and smiled as he opened the door....

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