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First Chapter -- Abduction by Alexandra O'Hurley

Alexandra O'Hurley Erotic New Release SciFi

Chapter One Besh eyed the inhabitation before him, his body tight and ready to spring into action at any moment. He felt his muscles ripple and stretch, unease rolling through him. He couldn’t appear too aggressive as he and his men approached. This was a scouting mission, not an attack. Under the heavy battle armor he wore, he felt sweat trickling down his clenched abdomen, his stomach taut with tension. He and his group of warriors marched ahead toward a small village, an anxious feeling riding his nerves.  The heat on this planet didn’t help, either. It was unbearable, unlike...

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Claimed by Victoria Vallo

Gay Imprisoned New Release SciFi Victoria Vallo

Excerpt Grim woke up alone, the covers tucked up around him. Looking out the window to the right of the large bed, he saw the sun low in the sky. Was it sunset, or had he somehow slept through the rest of the day and then through the night as well? He got up and found his discarded robe draped over the end of the bed. He tied the robe around him again and walked out of the bedroom. Duncan sat in the large main room working at the com station. He spoke quietly to someone through a headset, and...

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Sacrificed to the Harvest God by Kelex

Erotic Gay Horror Kelex New Release

Excerpt A Beginning                                          Callum Truthstale brushed his hand through Weaver’s soft golden brown locks.  His lover’s hair wasn’t much darker than the wheat they now lay hidden within. Wheat that should’ve already been cut, but was still untouched, thankfully.  They needed the tall plants to hide themselves amongst.  Lowering his head, he captured a brief kiss.  As he lifted, he licked his lips, savoring the taste of the man. A man he shouldn’t want. “We don’t have much time left,” Weaver said, a frown twisting his handsome features.  “I fear my father’s growing suspicious of all my time spent...

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We've upgraded and added this wonderful new shop where you can purchase all of our titles!  We hope you explore and find all you're looking for. For a while, we'll continue to manage both our old and this new site.  You can find our old site here:  Twisted E-Publishing.

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