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Betting on His Demon by Kelex

Betting on His Demon by Kelex


English Edition

Julian McNamara has been living the high life his gambling career afforded him. When he finds out he’s dying, he’s faced with a stark reality and realizes he isn’t the man he wanted to be. In the heat of the moment, he bargains his soul to a smooth-talking demon who offers him ten more years and luck at the gambling table.

Prince Carreau rules the underworld with an iron fist, keeping the demon hordes at bay and forcing peace amongst the demon realms while biding his time to claim his mate. His cousin Olivier wants war, and uses Julian to tempt Carreau into giving in to the darkness.

Carreau is livid when he realizes his mate has sold his soul to Olivier and realizes he needs to find a way to break the contract—before the temptation of Julian’s flesh causes a war of the ages.

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