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Bound by Three by Kelex & April Andrews

Bound by Three by Kelex & April Andrews


English Edition

Bestselling MM Authors April Andrews and Kelex return to the world of BOUND…and storm into the New Year with two amazing ménage a quatre gay erotic tales.

The Touch of Three, by April Andrews

When you want something so bad you can taste it...

Brandon has had his eye on a perfect, little trio of subs for months. But those subs have resisted his advances...until now.

With Bound's masquerade ball in full swing, Brandon finally has the chance to make the subs his. But it's going to take all of his skills of seduction before he finds himself bound by three.

Tied by Three, by Kelex

When Johann, Matthias, and Adler witness a submissive being abused during the fall masquerade at Bound, they can’t help but interfere. The delicious sub deserves better than the two horrid Doms he’s being ill-treated by and they set out to show him what domination truly is.

Sawyer was scared by what happened during the masquerade and runs away, but not before the three masked men make a serious impression on him. An impression strong enough for the three to eventually find their way into his fantasies. He knows they have likely forgotten him, but he can’t forget the three strong men.

Months pass, but Johann finally finds Sawyer. Once in his grasp, Johann will stop at nothing until Sawyer yields to them all.

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