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The Master's New Toy (Books V & VI) by Kelex

The Master's New Toy (Books V & VI) by Kelex


English Edition

Michael Monroe has accepted his place in his master’s life, tasting the darker passions he’s always yearned for. Now he’s faced with the rules of the BDSM D/s lifestyle and he learns the boundaries his master wants to push.

In part five, Michael is tempted with the use of weight torture and witnesses pony play, which opens the door to new yearning.

In part six, Michael’s master shows him the basics of pony play, after an angry sub takes out some of his frustrations on Michael.

Michael’s crawl into the world of BDSM is quick, filled with forced seduction, public humiliation, homo– and heterosexual experiences, painful pleasure, torture and lessons in the ways to truly serve a master.

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