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Captured by Three (The Mating Season, 2) by April Andrews

Captured by Three (The Mating Season, 2) by April Andrews


English Edition

When the aliens came to help save his people, Lucas worried that it wasn’t quite that simple…he was right…

Alien warriors, Ayden, Regil and Danth are a mated trio…they thought they were complete. But then they’re called to the ruined Earth and they meet Lucas. Something about the stoic human calls to them and before long they start to wonder if they really are complete after all.

Lucas is the last of Earth’s scientists. Charged with entering the old lands he must find enough fuel to save his people, and the alien warriors are his escort. He isn’t sure what to make of these strange males. They are strong, brooding…and they treat him in a way that Lucas can’t quite understand…

Because the aliens have realized that the only way to know if Lucas is their mate is to take him to their bed. And if that means capturing him heart, body and soul then so be it…

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