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Crash Landing (Quads of Alpha S, 1) by Kelex

Crash Landing (Quads of Alpha S, 1) by Kelex


English Edition

Captain Kaden “Crash” Saunders is charged with leading a dangerous rescue mission to Alpha S, a dangerous planet on the other side of an intergalactic wormhole. Once they arrive, the electromagnetic field surrounding the planet causes his ship to crash.

Alpha S has been off-limits to the Federated Navy and its ships for years—all because of an eerie evil nemesis, the Xinthpats, who are overly fond of human blood. The Xinthpats have killed every human to step foot on Alpha S, but Crash is determined his men won’t be among that number.

Crash’s best friend is snatched by the enemy and Crash will stop at nothing to find him. A trio of sexy, purple vampiric aliens steps up to help, if Kaden will submit to them and allow them to claim his body completely.

Crash is shocked by his reaction to their touches—and their bloodlust—which makes him lusty and yearn for more. But he has to see through his desire long enough to save his best friend and the rest of his crew.


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