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His Dark Kiss by Marie Medina

His Dark Kiss by Marie Medina


English Edition

Victoria returns to England to bury her adoptive brother and take care of her now orphaned godson, Cyngen. She’d always been curious about the mysterious Darien, Cyngen’s other godparent, but her intense reaction to his presence complicates matters as the three of them begin a new life together. His behavior confuses her on a daily basis, but she has no desire to fight the pull she feels.

Darien can’t stop thinking about Victoria, not only because she’s grown into a fascinating woman but also because he has a duty to protect her and their godson. He cannot warn her of the danger she is in, as he’d have to reveal the secret of his true nature—and Cyngen’s. He’s content only to be near her every day, until his hand is forced and the truth comes out. Even if he can save her, he still might lose her forever if she cannot accept him for what he truly is…

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