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Huddle (Men's League, 1) by Kelex

Huddle (Men's League, 1) by Kelex


English Edition

Arrogant quarterback Aiden Summers thinks he’s God’s gift to football. When he’s not drafted, he and the country are shocked, but his cocky attitude barely wavers. Another offer to play ball, in a lesser league, is the best he can find to get paid to play—at least until the next season of big league ball inevitably comes knocking.
Arena football team owner Bailey Thompson is retired from the big game himself, but the love of play kept him inside the business. He sees undrafted college player Aiden Summers as just what his fledgling team needs to sell more seats and raise the profile of the league itself.

When the controlled Bailey meets with cocky Aiden, Bailey immediately knows the younger man needs a little dose of humility and where better to learn that on his knees, with the taste of the crop coming down on his flesh? Aiden’s not gay, but he can’t ignore the desire the rough caresses ignite, regardless if they’re from another man or not.

Can Bailey get Aiden to understand humility and service before it’s too late?

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