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Invaded (Mate Them, 1) by RJ Richards

Invaded (Mate Them, 1) by RJ Richards


English Edition

Danny has been part of the human resistance against the alien invasion since the day they arrived on his ruined planet. But when a daring mission goes awry, Danny is captured by the alien force and taken to the one place he has tried to avoid for so long. Their mothership. And it is a place where humans are known to go but never to return...

The Kal’vo have come to Earth with one mission and one mission only – to breed the remaining humans. Danny is the perfect addition to their breeding stock, and now they have him on their ship they’re going to do everything in their power to ensure that he submits to their demands.

But Danny has no intention of submitting...not to the first alien who comes for him...and certainly not to any of the others that follow. But Danny has never met males like these and it may be that before long, he starts to wonder exactly what he is resisting against…

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