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Make Me Yours by Marie Medina

Make Me Yours by Marie Medina


English Edition

Susan is ready for the next part of her life to begin after becoming a widow at the age of thirty. She thinks the most exciting part of this next phase is going to be opening a bookstore with her two best friends from college, but life has other plans. Erik, an older man she was once “just friends” with, comes back into her life and sweeps her right off her feet. Susan remembers the overwhelming crush she had on him and how the sight of him used to make her heart race. She also remembers his reputation from years ago and cannot help wondering where their relationship will go. As he both seduces and perplexes her, she finds herself needing him more. When a friend questions Erik’s intentions, Susan has to decide if the passion he’s awakened inside her is worth the risk of giving herself to him completely.


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