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Sacrificed to the Ice God (Sacrificed, 3) by Kelex

Sacrificed to the Ice God (Sacrificed, 3) by Kelex


English Edition

Kai’s tribe lives in a tropical paradise—one of sun, sea, and sand. A protective reef surrounds the island, the waters teeming with life and fulfilling their needs. Passing the reef is forbidden—an unforgiving world of ice and cold lingers just outside it. An Ice God keeps them trapped on the island, demanding one sacrifice each year as payment for their warmth.

Female after female is given to the god, never to return from his land of snow and ice. But the women of the island are growing sparse. If they continue to hand over their females, it will spell the end of their tribe. Their only choice is to sacrifice a willing male and hope the Ice God accepts their offering.

Kai has never been spiritual, so he’s forced to offer up his life to the god. Either he goes, or his best friend and sister will take his place. Kai accepts his fate, ready to die for his tribe. He surrenders his life to the Ice God.

Only it’s not his life the god wants.

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