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Stepping Over the Edge by April Andrews

Stepping Over the Edge by April Andrews


English Edition

Many years ago, Jamie lost the love of his life in a tragic accident. Since then, he has tried to piece his world back together, but it has not been easy, and he has been far from successful. Alone in the world, no family, no friends, Jamie has spent too many weeks, too many months, too many years teetering on the edge. So, when he has a chance for a fresh start, in a new home, he jumps at it. Perhaps this will be enough to pull him back from the brink?

But, it doesn’t take Jamie long to realize that there is something different… strange… about this new home. The night garden with its twists and turns, the green-eyed cat that appears out of nowhere, and the dreams… the constant dreams of Robert…

Before long, Jamie finds himself teetering closer to the edge than ever. But what he doesn’t realize, is that someone is waiting there for him, waiting in the beyond, and they can only wait for so long. Time is running out, and Jamie is going to have to make a difficult decision… to pull back and remain alone, or to step over the edge and maybe lose himself forever.

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