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Tackle (Men's League, 2) by Kelex

Tackle (Men's League, 2) by Kelex


English Edition

Ex-NFL player Lionel Hightower now finds himself the captain of The Rockets arena team, a position he took to support his good friend and team owner, Bailey Thompson. When a play goes wrong and Lionel’s taken down for several weeks, Bailey suggests Lionel try his hand at coaching a potential new recruit for the team.

Lionel knows the injury might mean he’s out of the game he loves, and he also knows Bailey has thrown him a bone with the offer to coach. Lionel doesn’t want to coach, he wants to play—that is until he sees ex-college player Hayden Peterson and feels the need to get closer.

Hayden has it all. A strong body, a talent for the game, but he lacks the most important piece, passion for football. Lionel thinks he can inspire Hayden, as he tamps down the lust he feels for the man, but his desire to control Hayden makes it difficult.

But Hayden isn’t there for the football. He’s fanaticized about handsome Lionel for years and agrees simply to spend time with the man—with hopes his fantasies can become reality.

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