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Taken by Two (The Mating Season, 1) by April Andrews

Taken by Two (The Mating Season, 1) by April Andrews


English Edition

On a devastated Earth where water is scarce and food even scarcer, the only choice for some is to leave the safety of The Cube and search through the old ruins. But leaving The Cube in the dead of winter also carries the risk of being taken by the mysterious visitors. No one knows who these strange males are, only that they come from nearby worlds and simply take any man who crosses their path.

Jaeger knows the risks of venturing outside, but when his turn comes he has no choice, and when the visitors find him he can’t fight them off. Taken aboard their craft, Jaeger is not sure what to expect, so when he is told that he now belongs to the two men who have captured him he vows to resist.

But, these males are like nothing Jaeger has ever known, and before long he finds himself falling under their spell. Can Jaeger come to accept the men who insist he is their given mate? And if he does, will he be able to save more than just himself, will he be able to save his people too?

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