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Taken (Mate Them, 2) by RJ Richards

Taken (Mate Them, 2) by RJ Richards


English Edition

Jake has been part of the resistance against the alien invasion since the day they arrived on his ruined planet. Sure, his job might be collecting much needed supplies for the resistance fighters, but Jake has always been proud to do his small part in protecting his people.

So, when he’s asked to head inland to hunt out much-needed wiring, Jake goes willingly. If he can steer clear of the crumbling ruins, the wild animals, and the scavengers that live in the old cities, he’ll be home in no time.

But, what Jake doesn’t realize is that there aren’t just wild animals and scavengers in the old cities anymore. Three Kal’vo explorers are there, and they have been given very specific instructions in how to deal with any humans that cross their paths…

Jake is about to find out the reason that the aliens have come to his planet…and it is not going to be anything close to what he has imagined…

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