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The Duke's Plaything (Books I & II) by Kelex

The Duke's Plaything (Books I & II) by Kelex


English Edition

Lord Adam Bannister is betrothed and will be wed in a month to a woman he barely knows and doesn’t want. Although pretty enough, she isn’t a he. Adam knows he’s a homosexual, but society doesn’t accept a man like him.

He escapes pre-wedding planning to check on the renovations at his newly gifted manor, one given to him by his father. Once there, he travels to meet his infamous neighbor, the Duke of Collingsworth.

Lord Stephan Barnett, the Duke of Collingsworth, has earned a reputation for holding grand orgies in his home and performing sexual acts which would curl the hair of the English ton. But he’s thrown when his new neighbor comes calling … and offers ten days of complete sexual submission, so the young lord can create memories to cling to in the years ahead as he does his husbandly duty.

In part one, the two men meet and Adam is introduced to the new world he’ll become part of.

In part two, the duke begins Adam’s journey, dressed as a woman, pleasuring a tableful of the duke’s guests.

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