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The Goblin King's Lovers by Marie Medina

The Goblin King's Lovers by Marie Medina


English Edition

When Eva was thirteen, she passed through the veil and became trapped in the goblin realm. She wanted nothing more than to go home, but fate had other plans for her…

Lorne has loved Eva ever since the first moment he saw her, but admitting his feelings to anyone else has never been an option. As the prince’s companion, and the future lover of both Davin and his chosen queen, Lorne can’t choose whom to love. His heart belongs to Davin, and only his prince can tell him who else may share in that love.

But Lorne will soon find that his prince knows him better than he knows himself, and their only challenge will be winning the heart, and the hand, of the girl who has only seen them as friends for so many years…

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