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Their Willing Slave (Zero Five, Book 2) by April Andrews

Their Willing Slave (Zero Five, Book 2) by April Andrews


English Edition

When Bounty Hunters Jack and Cal are summoned to the plant Brechet, by no less than the king himself, they have no idea what to expect. So when that king offers them a job that will not only make them wildly rich, but be as easy as pie, they can’t help but think that it is too good to be true...

Step one is simple enough, travel to the space station Zero Five and pick up the king’s promised mate.

Step two poses no problems either, bring the king’s mate back to Brechet.

It’s step three that makes both Jack and Cal pause, because the king wants his mate marriage ready...and he doesn’t just mean learning his vows...

The king wants his mate prepared for the marriage bed...and he wants Jack and Cal to be the ones to do it. Will Jack and Cal agree to the king’s outrageous request? And if so, will they be able to give the king’s mate the lessons in loving that he needs?

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