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Tristan's Wolf (Wolves of Mt. Alexis, 4) by Kelex

Tristan's Wolf (Wolves of Mt. Alexis, 4) by Kelex


English Edition

Born a slave, Tristan has been captive to his alpha for nearly a century. When he hears his master talk of treachery, Tristan realizes he needs to rise above and find the strength to escape. His mission? To save the wolves of Mount Alexis.

Little does Tristan know that he’ll find his mate on that mountain.

Paul has fought the raw power he felt coursing through his veins, fearful he couldn’t control the beast within. But when his mate is hurt, there’s nothing left to hold the tattered edges together.

Once the enemy is defeated, Paul assumes he’s free to have his mate but Paul learns he has another battle to face. To keep his lover, he might have to take on more than he bargained for.

And face the beings who stood by and watched his parents die.


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