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Aquiring Her by Alexandra O'Hurley

Aquiring Her by Alexandra O'Hurley


English Edition

Helena Kelly is young and full of herself as she climbs the ladder in a multi-billion dollar investment company. As she nears the top, she’s set-up for embezzlement. When the handsome, older, billionaire owner and CEO she’s fantasized about calls her to his office, she unsuccessfully tries to hide her lust and focuses on trying to save her own ass.

Max Devlin has had his eye on Helena for months now, ever since she attended a meeting in the place of her boss. He tries to avoid her, but can’t ignore the desire he feels. When the forensic accountants claim she may be in on the misappropriated funds, he can’t believe it and calls her to his office to answer for her potential sins. Once there, he can’t keep his hands to himself any longer and sets out to acquire a new lover.

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