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Burlesque Trio by Alexandra O'Hurley

Burlesque Trio by Alexandra O'Hurley


English Edition

“VaVa Violet” DiCosta was the hottest burlesque dancer in all of 1942 LA until a stalker's bullet ended her short life. Stuck in limbo, she watches time pass through the eyes of the club she died in.

Nearly seventy years later, best friends Parker Thomas and Ciprian Svetski fall in love with the style of the old building and decide to return it to its former glory and reopen the old burlesque. Problem is, they know business, not talent, and the show doesn't own up to its history.

Violet's given a second chance in someone else's body. She shows the men a thing or two about burlesque, as well as how to sell seduction. She decides to seduce them while she's at it, but never imagined she'd lose her heart to them. Or that her killer wouldn't be happy about her return.

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